About Us

Hi, I’m Richard Storey and I am the owner and manager of Made 2 Measure Roofing Supplies.  I've been in the roofing industry for over 30 years now and have set up this company to supply trustworthy roofing systems and ancillary products at great prices.

I have been involved in construction all of my working life; even when I was at school I spent my holidays working for our family building and roofing business.  Having originally planned to leave school and become a chef, I decided that a job in roofing and construction was what I was destined for.

I spent 10 more years working for our family's building and roofing firm, where we installed pitched and flat roofs. In this time, I was trained by some industry leading manufacturers to install many different roofing systems such as PVC, TPO, EPDM, Fibreglass PU and PMMA Liquids. This varying experience later helped me develop training courses for some of the companies I’ve worked for hopefully taking the best bits and binning the waffle.

During this time, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some award winning living roof projects for organisations such as Sunbeams Music Therapy centre, the National Trust and none more important than the one I built on our kitchen for my daughters to enjoy due to us not having a garden.

In 2001 I was given the opportunity to work for one of the leading European EPDM manufacturers HERTALAN. 

Starting with these guys initially as a sales engineer I progressed onto training manager and regional manager and helped carry on building their network of approved contractors with in house and on-site training (something I intend to carry on with at Made 2 Measure as you can’t cover everything on a one day course - even in an ideal classroom situation).

Working for the UK branch of this once Dutch family owned company reinforced what we’d always believed at our family firm – listen to and understand customers’ needs and offer a great service and solutions so that we can build long term, trusted relationships that mean people return time and time again.

After working for the Dutch, I progressed on to working for a large American manufacturer of flat roofing products where we specified the whole system for a roof and sometimes for the whole building.  This included vapour control layers, insulation, fixings, waterproofing and, if required, roof finishes such as living roofs or roof terraces.

We can even specify the whole building envelope; click here to see Lily Jencks case study, a building I worked on during my time with Hertalan. 

Having the opportunity to undertake various roles from sales engineer to eventually being a regional manager has taught me some priceless lessons about this industry.  It has helped me develop my skill set and given insight as to the type of business that I would want to work for, buy from and more importantly the type of business I would be proud to run.

Some of my regular customers have been asking me over the past few years to set up this type of company.  It took a bit of persuading but they managed to give me that final push to make the transition from "I can’t" to "why can’t I?".  So here we are now as Made 2 Measure Roofing Supplies: stocking, specifying and distributing everything from vapour control layers to insulation, and waterproof membranes to living roof systems.

Thankfully the roofers who coaxed me into setting up the company, some who I’ve been working with and supplying for the best part of 20 years, have been true to their word and are now supporting me with this new venture in my life and career; I hope that you will too.