M2M Consultancy


For over 30 years now we have been drawing up plans, advising on projects and providing cost-effective, long-term solutions to help our clients create the roof that they need while having complete peace of mind that everything has been taken care of.

From a simple uninsulated garage roof refurb to a new warm roof completely in keeping with current building regulations or even a living roof designed to meet FLL/GRO guidelines.

To show you the variety of consultation services we can provide, here are some examples of who we've provided help to, and how we've helped them:

  • ARCHITECTS - we provided them with full NBS specifications and section drawings.
  • BUILDING ENGINEERS - we helped them to maximise the loading capability of an existing structure in order to achieve a living roof that will allow plants to flourish whilst not damaging the structure.
  • BUILDERS - we assisted them to achieve cost effective solutions for their clients with a real choice of different membranes.
  • SURVEYORS - we provided them with technical written Audit’s to plan for roofing work scheduling.
  • FACILITY MANAGERS - we put together long-term maintenance plans for public and private building’s with O&M manuals.  In some instances, we have even trained some of the FM staff to install the roofing products so that they can achieve a cost-effective repair during day to day running.
  • LOCAL AUTHORITIES - we created a plan for a Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) by way of a living roof.

With over 30 years of experience, we can take your roof from an incomplete idea to a reality even greater than you'd hoped for. We can provide the plans as well as the products to help you achieve the roof of your dreams.

To discuss your plans or obtain a quote, please call us on 07502 575857 or submit a contact form via our Contact Us page.

We look forward to working with you!